In this startling new book, Theodore Roszak introduces the new field of eco-psychology, which studies the relationship between the individual and the earth. This new brand of psychotherapy defines sanity as the awareness of the connection between the environment and the human soul. By weaving together science, psychiatry, poetry, and politics, Theodore Roszak bridges the gap between the psychological and ecological to explain this new way of thinking about ourselves and our world. This ground-breaking work eloquently explains that if we ignore our connections to the planet, not only the earth but our own mental health will be in jeopardy.

"A bold work, nothing less than a psychoanalysis of civilization.
...Roszak is trying to do for our relationship with the earth what 
Freud did for our relationships with each other."

-- Lester R. Brown, President, World Watch Institute


"This book is of the greatest importance to all of us who know
our world and love it."

Rollo May, author of Love and Will

"Theodore Roszak has been one of the keenest observers and
most articulate interpreters of contemporary cultural, philosophical,
and scientific trends. ...This book is essential reading for all
people concerned with the fate of the earth."

- Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics

"A compelling, brilliantly written work. . . .A wake-up call for
contemporary society."

- lrvin D. Yalom, author of Love's Executioner

"Healing the self and healing the planet go together. What we do
to nature affects our mental health. With this powerful insight,
Theodore Roszak links environmentalism and personal therapy." 

-Tom Hayden, California State Assemblyman

"The Voice of the Earth is one of the very few serious
books about the ecological crisis that leave the
reader with a sense of direction rather
than despair."

- San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

THEODORE ROSZAK is the author of Where the Wasteland Ends and The
Making of a Counterculture
. He teaches history and general studies at California
State University and lives in Berkeley, California.