With Saturn we reach the limits of the solar system proper, and Saturn has traditionally been associated with limitation, frustration and delays. These, however, are all by-products of Saturn's concern for the rightness of things, for seeing that all is in order according to cosmic laws and truth. Under Saturn, it is better to be delayed and right than early and misguided.  

As it follows the sphere of Jupiter's social participation, Saturn's is the realm of social responsibility. It represents the process of maturation according to which individuals participate in society not only by receiving the benefits thereof, but by contributing practically and substantially to the life of the community.  

This requires the performance of necessary, relevant work, no matter how mundane or routine it may seem. Saturn thus represents the process of finding our place in society and fulfilling our responsibilities there. This requires self-discipline and a realistic sense of givens, limitations and, above all, priorities.

Saturn represents the necessity and capacity to tie up loose ends, to be logical and forthright. When we deal with Saturn we necessarily deal with authority - with both our capacity to wield authority and teach others, and with our capacity to learn from others (especially our elders) who have the authority of longer experience than we.  

Negative aspects of Saturn include self-righteousness when in authority, and reactive depression when we must unwillingly yield to the authority of others. Saturn rewards labor dutifully performed with a sense of inner certitude, but responds with stinginess to work done resentfully or inadequately.


Leyla Rael 



Keynote: Power derives from control of the basic forces of nature.

Symbol: A nuclear reactor is heavily encased with lead.

The seriousness of Saturn blends naturally with the secretiveness of Scorpio. Saturn gives the restraint to keep secrets so that a reserved exterior may conceal an active inner life. The character is deep, subtle, masterful, and difficult to fathom.

Since Scorpio's co-ruler, Pluto, is lord of the underworld, and Saturn rules the mineral kingdom, this combination can produce the would-be plutocrat who endeavors to gain control over a substantial share of the earth's resources. A knack for business and finance may pay off handsomely, especially if investments are made in mines, oil wells, and "the excremental industries" which break down substances and produce waste products which must be disposed of.

The ambition to make money is fed by a desire for the control money brings. The ability to influence people by pulling strings behind the scenes leads by slow, persistent, and indirect stages to the attainment of the power sought.

Often these individuals would rather work deviously than take straightforward action. They make effective detectives and espionage agents who, despite their extreme caution, do not avoid danger. The enemy is ruthlessly tracked down, whether this be a criminal, a psychoneurosis, a flaw in a machine, the germ of a disease, a fallacy in a theory, or an error in reasoning. They will continue analyzing and testing in a dogged, impersonal way until the culprit is exposed.

Saturn in Scorpio can denote emotional repressions and deep psychological complexes relating to financial security, sex, and the disposal of wastes.

In Scorpio, Saturn's chilling influence tends to freeze the surface of the emotions and thwart the fires of Mars. There is an aversion to betraying personal feelings even when the inner life is in turmoil. These individuals generally prefer to stand silently in the background and observe the fuss and commotion of human affairs without becoming overtly involved. Yet they are keenly perceptive and capable of enforcing their demands once they decide what should be done.

Scorpians seldom play lightly with the affections of others and they expect their own highly sensitive feelings to be treated with respect. In love, their passions are fixed and enduring, but there can be a domineering and jealous insistence upon having their own way.

Intensely proud, though seldom vain, they hate being wrong and like even less to admit it when they are. If deceived by their beloved, they can reveal a streak of cruelty making them capable of premeditated revenge, or they can retreat into a shell and resolve to forgo the uncertain business of love altogether.

Whatever the Saturnian Scorpian does, they usually do purposefully, for they refuse to expend their energies on frivolities. Even when playing a game, they are aware that they are gaining physical and mental prowess. They make it a point to observe their performance closely in order to rectify mistakes others would let pass. This deliberately cultivated awareness often leads to the success they crave.

This position often gives an element of dark, brooding intensity which can make its presence felt even in charts where other indications show extrovert and enthusiastic qualities. There is usually a tremendous sense of purpose and determination, and emotional energy will be generously spent on attaining objectives.

An excellent and shrewd business sense is perhaps one of the most powerful qualities of this Saturn placing. These people can do extremely well in big business or the international money markets. A certain heaviness is usually countered by a marvelously offbeat sense of humor, and in spite of the usual Saturnian caution, often in relation to overspending, Scorpio knows how to live it up and enjoys excellent food and wine.

On the negative side obsessive tendencies are all too likely, with determination becoming extreme stubbornness. Sadly, there is sometimes a rather cruel streak; once really set on achieving a demanding objective, this person may be ruthless in attaining it. One is encouraged to cultivate sympathy and greater consideration of others. Much hard work will be carried out, and an emotional involvement in the profession is often essential - even if the basic motivation is to make money, this is enough to put them on the road to success.

The sex life can be complex: sometimes a full and rewarding expression is inhibited, and as a result the individual can feel dissatisfied in this sphere of life. It may be that Saturnís inner authoritative voice will instill jealousy and envy, and if this is not fought against with tooth and claw it will have a very negative effect on the personality and, sometimes, physical well-being.  


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