If we picture the orbits of the planets as concentric spheres around the sun, the orbit of Mercury is the first sphere through which the out-surging solar power radiates as it spreads throughout the solar system. Mercury thus represents the first planetary adaptation or specialization of solar power. It refracts, as it were, the one, homogeneous solar stream into two facets or rays. Thus, out of the unitary solar purpose, duality is born.

For human beings on Earth, mind and consciousness arise and develop on the basis of just such a duality, for in order to be aware, 'I' must perceive an 'other' who (or which) is 'not I.' Mercury symbolizes this primordial perception of duality, and once it occurs the function of Mercury is forever to try to link the two at the mental level.  

Mercury's realm is the sphere of perceptions and ideas, of words which symbolize experience and minds which try to integrate experience into a meaningful whole. Thus Mercury symbolizes gathering data and information, knowing, formulating at the verbal level, communicating, listening, and rational decision-making.  

Fleet as the quicksilver intellect which it symbolizes, fickle as an easily changeable mind, Mercury's functional activities can be misapplied. Negative applications of what Mercury represents include equivocating, rationalizing, intellectual superficiality, blabbing on and on, and disorganized eclecticism.  


Leyla Rael



Keynote: The mind ranges over a wide variety of abstract concepts.

Symbol: A scholar compiles logical proofs of the existence of God.

Mercury is in 'detriment' in Sagittarius because of the disproportion between the planet of specific facts and the sign of general possibilities. Sagittarian expansiveness stimulates Mercury to a fitful brilliance which may be alternately superficial and inspired. There may be big ideas but the subject must be aware that burgeoning mental enthusiasms may make it difficult to concentrate on a single line of endeavor. The mind darts from one conclusion to another but, unless it is deliberately reined in, continuity and judgment are lacking.

At best, the Mercury/Sagittarius blend gives a profound sense of purpose and the ability to focus on distant goals. An ambition to comprehend the mental and moral laws of the universe and to reconcile scientific and religious approaches to life results in a tendency to study several subjects simultaneously, to carry on more than one occupation, and to become involved in a number of different but related projects.


Sun in Sagittarius / Mercury in Sagittarius

This combination indicates a love of travel with an aptitude for talking and writing interestingly about a wide variety of experiences. Your mind is far-sighted and frequently more concerned with ideas than with personalities.


Sun in Capricorn / Mercury in Sagittarius

This combination imparts a talent for practical organization. There may be a tendency to dictate to others and to take strong measures to see that one's ideas are carried out. The individual is determined not just to understand but to wield the law. They are at their best when inspired to dedicate their mind and spirit to some significant movement which broadens people's outlook on life and enables them to grow in understanding.


Sun in Scorpio / Mercury in Sagittarius

Here the heavy intensity of Scorpio gets a lively injection from Mercury, and encourages the individual not to take themselves quite so seriously, nor to become so obsessive over personal or psychological problems.

A certain openness will be very refreshing. There is broad-mindedness and an optimistic outlook. A controlled enthusiasm will be shown and the emotional and intuitive content of Scorpio will be positive and reasoned, generally allowing free expression of the true feelings.

Important interests or hobbies should give full scope to the imagination.


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