After the sphere of Venus, outward-bound solar power passes through the sphere of the Earth. Here it develops as the life energy (prana or chi) which animates the biosphere and its material organizations. The Earth is a pivotal planet in our view of the solar system, for we see and interpret the solar system from earth.

Our picture of the solar system is thus an earthly picture, made possible by our particular position and function in the solar system. The Earth is presumably the only place in our solar system where organic life as we know it develops, where a certain type of material organization is animated by spirit and develops a certain type of consciousness. As life in human beings develops a sense of self, this sense of self has to express itself through action.

This action is what Mars symbolizes. It thus represents the mobilization of energy, the capacity to do and to assert oneself. Mars has often been considered a negative symbol in astrology, but the capacities Mars represents are in themselves neither constructive nor destructive. Much depends on the value the Venus function gives to experience, whether Mars is activated in reactionary 'fight or flight,' or if it operates positively to carry out the directives of a centralizing will.

Nevertheless, where Mars' capacity to do is activated, so too may develop a tendency to force issues and overdo, especially when doing compensates for insecurity or frustration. In such cases, the negative aspects of Mars may operate as recklessness, argumentativeness, vindictiveness, or even open hostility.  


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Energy is directed into vigorous action.

Symbol: A knight rides off into battle.

Mars in Aries will bestow a powerful physical energy level that needs positive expression. If there is no outlet through sports or another physically demanding activity, the system will stagnate, and one may become restless and unfulfilled. The need to win, to be first, may be very important.

This individual will encourage loved ones also to take bold, assertive action. If they do not respond, the person is likely to take the upper hand and force issues. There will, however, be a strong tendency to lack consideration for others' feelings and needs, forcing others (and especially the partner, if they lack confidence and assertiveness) to take what is believed to be the right action.

The sex drive can be powerfully increased by this placing, which also adds a strong emotional passion but one that is simple and straightforward rather than seething, smoldering, intense or distorted by psychological twists and turns. The desire for motherhood can also be increased.

Headaches may occur, as well as outbursts of Martian anger - a rapid loss of temper and a sudden raging storm that is over as quickly as it began. Resentfulness is not usual.

The person with Mars in Aries craves excitement. Instead of waiting for things to happen they search for new fields to conquer. They believe themselves to be the master of their destiny and behave as though everything were up to them. If their impulses are unchecked, however, one runs the risk of becoming a slave to their own desires. Only when the individual realizes that to control fate means controlling themselves do they win their cherished freedom.

Since fiery Mars already rules fiery Aries, this combination gives a double dose of the self-willed Martial spirit. The temperament is vital and courageous with a natural robustness of body and mind. When the planet of energy joins forces with the sign of action, there is bound to be a driving urge for accomplishment.

Undeveloped types may be brash and pugnacious while those with trained minds make ardent propagandists. They identify with their ideals, and this sense of commitment spurs them to fight for the principles they believe in. They can be uncomplicated, reducing apparently complex problems to a few simple components.

This is not the best combination for routine work. Mars in Aries seeks adventure and is often more refreshed by new sensations than by a rest. Such a person needs an immediate challenge and impose deadlines on themselves regardless of whether or not they are pressed for time - though they usually are.

They tend to wear out before they rust out. Theirs is the type of mind that insists the only thing to fear is fear itself, and their stamina sustains them through ordeals that would leave lesser individuals prostrate. They have scant sympathy for those who complicate their lives and dissipate their forces through timidity and misgivings.

When afflicted, this combination can be accident-prone. There is a need to take precautions against burns and scalds. Providing physical mishaps are avoided, there is enough vitality to ensure a long and interesting life. When the end does come, it is usually sudden, since Mars in Aries simply refuses to put up with illness, disability, or slow decline.

The defects of this position are the corollaries of its strengths, and stem mainly from impatience and irritation. Without a balancing factor, recklessness and assertiveness may betray lack of consideration for the tender sensibilities of less hardy souls.

The main need is to slow down and channel the vitality of Mars in Aries into worthwhile projects so that it does not burn out purposelessly. The person with Mars in Aries is primed for action but should make it a point to stop every now and then to consider where they are headed and why.


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