Dane Rudhyar


In An Astrological Triptych Rudhyar extracts from traditional astrology a great wealth of  psychological and spiritual meaning. New interpretations of the zodiacal signs, the houses and planets are presented, shedding light on the three basic phases of the great ritual which constitutes the spiritual unfoldment of the human being.

"To become whole by assimilating that which completes our particular being to realize that individual existence is a process of repeated emergence out of a number of typical conditions which test the individual's strength, resilience and faith, and having realized this, to be victorious over the negative trend which is met at every step of the Way."

An Astrological Tryptych is a book to read and reread. Each chapter stands by itself, yet as a part in a vast symphony of revealed values and inspired imagery.

"Your new book, An Astrological Tryptych, means for me all psychosynthesis - in another language - in its widest and highest spiritual sense." 

- Roberto Assagioli

"Yes, it would be difficult to exaggerate my enthusiasm for your book, for though I know little of Astrology, I can recognize deep, true, original thought when I encounter it." 

- Claude Bragdon

 "You are unique in your power to synthesize all elements and include all modern thought and new visions into astrology." 

- Anais Nin

"If you want to know what Astrology really stands for - if you want an 'experience' - then read Dane Rudhyar." 

- Henry Miller