An Astrological Mandala - Cover 

Dane Rudhyar





The Interpretation of Life Cycles as a Closed Series of Archytypal Phases

Symbols and the Cyclic Character of Human Experience

The Sabian Symbols: Their Origin and Internal Structure

The Positive and Negative Approaches to Individual Experience



A Reformulation in Depth of the Sabian Symbols

First Hemicycle: The Process of Individualization

Act 1: Differentiation

   Scene One - Aries 1-15         Scene Two - Aries 16-30

Scene Three - Taurus 1-15         Scene Four - Taurus 16-30

 Scene Five - Gemini 1-15         Scene Six - Gemini 16-30


Act II: Stabilization

Scene Seven - Cancer 1-15       Scene Eight - Cancer 16-30

 Scene Nine - Leo 1-15       Scene Ten - Leo 16-30

   Scene Eleven - Virgo 1-15       Scene Twelve - Virgo 16-30


Second Hemicycle: The Process of Collectivization

Act III: Group-Integration

    Scene Thirteen - Libra 1-15      Scene Fourteen - Libra 16-30

    Scene Fifteen - Scorpio 1-15      Scene Sixteen - Scorpio 16-30

Scene Seventeen - Sagittarius 1-15      Scene Eighteen - Sagittarius 16-30


Act IV: Capitalization

Scene Nineteen - Capricorn 1-15       Scene Twenty - Capricorn 16-30

    Scene Twenty-one - Aquarius 1-15       Scene Twenty-Two - Aquarius 16-30

Scene Twenty-Three - Pisces 1-15       Scene Twenty-Four - Pisces 16-30



The Numerical Structure of the Zodiacal Series

Binary Relationships between Zodiacal Signs

The Cross and the Star

The Four Elements in Zodiacal Symbolism



The Oracular and Astrological Uses of the Symbols

Why Modern Individuals Seek Answers from "Oracles"

How to Use the Sabian Symbols as Oracles

The Symbolic Life

Appendix: An Exchange of Letters with Marc Edmund Jones


An Astrological Mandala